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Adventurous Learning

One Day Programmes

Our creative approach to learning offers a series of one day programmes to explore the key aspects of life we all take for granted and which require more attention and focus when experiencing dementia. The benefits to well being, relationships and outcome of meaningful purpose and contribution to every day life, can all be found within our different approach classes. We recommend these are attended as a collective to fully appreciate and embrace the Adventure with Dementia approach, however they can be purchased as stand alone classes where this is preferred.

‘Adventure with…’ The Person

Adventure with The Person

The importance of connecting with ourselves, each other and our surroundings, underpin the foundations of effective connection with a person with dementia.

Through the exploration of what makes us feel included, involved and of value to others, this interactive workshop prompts reflection and subsequent opportunity to take action through the tools and mentorship provided.

‘Adventure with…’ The Music

Adventure with The Music

Throughout our lives music plays an important part, creating memories and images of times gone by. The emotions triggered by music can carry us to a different time and place and help us remember who we are and what we are.

This interactive workshop examines the importance of music to us and how we can recognise this in others.

‘Adventure with…’ The Home

Environment - Adventure with Dementia

The room we sit in, the walls we look at, the things we touch: how do we feel without the comfort of the space and possessions which make us feel ‘at home’?

Exploring our own securities to understand those of others and how we can support in the recreation of these important feelings of safety living in a space with other people.

‘Adventure with…’ The Joy of Food

Adventure With The Joy Of Food

What we eat, where we eat, how we eat… Food and drink are not only critical to life, the experiences we have whilst consuming, all contribute to memories and a sense of comfort and well being.

The planning, preparing and sharing of meals and mealtimes can bring people together with satisfying results. Creating opportunities for family living through reflective experiences.

‘Adventure with…’ The Everyday

Adventure with The Everyday

How often do we sit still and do nothing? How often do we remain inactive for hour upon hour… Rarely! Everyday is full of small and meaningful ways of occupying our time.

Reflecting on ourselves, and sharing the importance of our own lives, helps better understand the critical need for us to support others to continue to do the same.

‘Adventure with…’ The Rest of the Community

Adventure with The Community

When you come out of your front door, what is around you? Schools, shops, village halls, bus stops, pubs… The list goes on!

How do you connect with the outside world? Care homes are part of society and we establish ways to better connect with the wider community.

Adventurous Living


How our Values Framework can help you

SEE ME Approach - Adventure with Dementia

Improving the quality of life for the people who live in your care home is paramount. Sustained high occupancy, a retained workforce and consistent positive stakeholder feedback are equally key objectives for a care home provider.

Adventure with Dementia provide an easy to use dementia care quality improvement programme which identifies high, medium and low priority areas using their SEE ME Values Framework.

SEE ME has been developed to engage teams to make informed assessments and set realistic and achievable actions for themselves, through a team responsibility approach.

The Adventurer’s Group participate throughout the process to represent their whole team and will be fully facilitated and supported by Adventure with Dementia. The SEE ME Cycle generates a programme for continuous and sustained improvement including an independent observation study by Adventure with Dementia.











Adventurous Designs

Our environment matters

Adventurous interior designs for people living with dementia

Using the latest in design and technology to improve the lives of people living with dementia, our expertise in the transformation of both old and new environments can support you to create a balance of interaction and calm to reflect and appreciate the challenges experienced by individuals with dementia.

Consideration for the potential future of a new care home need to be carefully thought through at an early stage to ensure the integration of every day living concepts are realised.

Real life experiences can be emulated and developed in a meaningful and engaging way to provide constant and appropriate stimulation, interaction and occupation thus promoting well being every day.

Why adventure with us?

We are fun
We are different
We are interactive
We are engaging
We are challenging
We are passionate
We are determined
We are inspiring
We are experienced
We are creative
We are emotional
We are exciting
We are adventurous!


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